Apprenticeship days 2018

This year's and sixth trainee days started as usual on the balcony of the seminar room with a greeting by the management and the trainers. After the initial excitement had been taken away from us by some games, the "old" apprentices presented the company, the products and our apprenticeships to us. Our trainers then guided us through the company and introduced us to the individual departments. At the end of the first day, an product quiz was held, which gave us a rough overview of the product components.

On the second day there was a scavenger hunt on the program, which led us through the whole company. Beginning with the order processing and the order of the material up to the construction and dispatch of our own light, we could get to know many departments and their tasks. A highlight of the scavenger hunt was the pick-up of the finished painted frames from Gretenkort in Ense-Höingen, which gave us an insight into their company with a small guided tour. This also gave us the opportunity to get to know a large external manufacturer of our company.

We started the third day with another game and a delicious breakfast from our canteen. After this we drove together with our instructors to the Wildwald in Vosswinkel, where we played teambuilding games after initial difficulties and a free drink. During this we got to know each other even better and were able to build mutual trust. The last day and this year's trainee days ended with a barbecue together in the forest.

The apprenticeships made it much easier for us to start our apprenticeship and the new phase in our lives. Our first trainee days will remain in our memory and we are looking forward to organizing them next year for the new trainees.

By Louisa Haase & Leon Struwe-Grae
(Commercial apprentices)