The patented JOKER-system

The patented Joker-technoloy of INOTEC reduces the design- and installation time and cuts down on significant costs. Each INOTEC emergency lighting system can be built-up to three different supply luminaire switching modes on the same output at the same time. Luminaires with Joker high frequency electronic ballas (common standard on INOTEC-SV luminaires) or Joker switch modules, for third party electronic ballast, must be used. These components allow an easy setting of the monitoring address and luminaire mode.

The proven JOKER-technology-function for the mixed operation was also taken over for the decentral emergency lighting system CLS 24. Therefor all INOTEC 24V-luminaires can operate in different circuits. In contrast to J/SV-luminaires for 230 V a programmation of the circuit at the CLS 24 or at the 24V-sub-station/ insertions at the controller of the central battery are done.

  • Conventional systems and installations with the switching modes maintained-, non-maintained-- and switched maintained mode, require 6 final end circuits to feed 9 luminaires in a part of the building shown.
  • The Joker-technology reduces the number of circuits required. Our sample needs only 2 final end circuits to feed the same number of luminaires due to the fact that the operation of all switching modes on one circuit is possible.
  • The maintained and switched maintained luminaires are active during main presence. During mains failure, however, all luminaires, regardless of their operation mode, will be switched on and supplied by the central battery system.