Configuration reimagined

Program our emergency lighting systems fast and conveniently with the new "INOTEC Project: Configurator".

Thanks to a guided assistant, it only takes a few steps to finish the job. Are you already an expert on our products? Then use the corresponding view, providing an easy access to all options.

 Install now (80 MB)


  • Intuitive user interface
  • Straightforward menu navigation
  • Complete a configuration in just a few steps
  • Copy function for luminaires and circuits
  • Expert mode
  • Detailed explanations for each input field
  • Input validation
  • Configuration printout
  • Automatic updates
  • Available in German and English

More than just device configuration: FUSIONconnect with CLS FUSION - control of luminaires across all fire compartments

In a FUSIONconnect project, you can link several CLS FUSION units with each other. This allows events to be passed between devices across individual fire compartments to control luminaires.

Some examples:

  • In the event of a mains power failure, the luminaires can also be activated in other fire compartments by forwarding the failure to other devices via FUSIONconnect.
  • The signal from a light switch can be used to control luminaires connected to another CLS FUSION unit.
  • D.E.R. luminaires can be controlled across fire compartments.

Learn more about FUSIONconnect

Note: To control luminaires via FUSIONconnect, the CLS FUSION requires at least firmware 1.10.


Which software do I use for which product?

INOTEC Project: Configurator

  • CPS 220/64 with TFT touch panel
  • CPS 220/48.1 with TFT touch panel
  • DER 220

Konfigurator 1.x

  • CLS FUSION (*)
  • PS 220/64 with 4-line controller
    CPS 220/48.1 with 4-line controller
  • CPS FUSION (*)
  • CPS/220/48
  • CLS 24
  • DER 220

* After a transition phase, solely in the INOTEC Project: Configurator

Konfigurator 1.x information and download