The BNS-MTB is a central monitoring device to control the INOTEC single-battery luminaires.

It includes one line to connect 64 INOTEC single-battery luminaires. A second line is optional to connect further 64 single-battery luminaires or a RTGBus-Card is available for a connection to SVPC.

The BNS MTB stands out with his user-friendly, easily-readable, graphic OLED-Display.

You can count an automatic functiontest of all attached single-battery luminaires, annual durationtests as well as countinuous charging control to the functions of the BNS-MTB.


The results of all executed tests are shown with date and time on a clear display:

  • Destination of each luminaire
  • correct function of all luminaires or detailled error messages (charging failure, luminaire defect)
  • connection facility of the last duration tests in minutes up to the response of the deep discharge protection of each luminare

connection facility for the INOSTICK to save the logbook and configuration as well as 3 potentialfree contacts (operation, failure and battery operation)