INOTube LED conversion kit

Make your emergency lighting fit for the future!

Existing 6W or 8W INOTEC emergency exit luminaires can by easily upgraded to modern LED technology with the new INOTube conversion kit.

360° illumination by innovative edge-irradiation

With an 360° angle of radiation by innovative egde-irradiation the INOTube LED conversion kit has the advantage to be suitable for single- and double-sided emergency exit luminaires.

Easy luminaire modification

The INOTEC LED driver is the same size like the old INOTEC electronic ballast. Therefore it's possible to re-use the existing tapped holes to fix the new LED module into the luminaire.

Save costs and resources

By using the INOTube you're not only saving costs for purchasing new lamps. Also your maintenance costs are reduced significantly. Additionally you're saving valuable resources- for a better environment.

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Low power consumption

The INOTube saves up to 50% power compared to a standard 8W fluorescent lamp. For bigger central battery systems you might be able to reduce the battery capacity at the next battery replacement.

Standard compliant replacement

When upgrading your old 8W INOTEC emergency exit luminaires with INOTube you're still standard compliant. A manufacturer's certificate is obligatory. 

This cannot be guaranteed with other 3rd party LED retrofits.