Safety ­guidance system GMS

Low-mounted guidance system for rapid evacuation

When every second counts, clear orientation is crucial: our GMS safety guidance system mounted close to the floor on the wall ensures rapid evacuation and maximum safety even in smoke-filled escape routes! In combination with a CLS or CPS emergency lighting system and evaluation of fire alarm contacts, the safe escape route is displayed dynamically and in different directions.

Effective evacuation and life-saving in the event of a fire

In the event of a fire, only an extremely short period of time is available to evacuate buildings: As a rule, there are less than 10 minutes to leave the building once a fire has been detected. For this reason, the self-rescue of building users is a top priority when designing buildings. For special buildings, the supreme building supervisory authorities of the federal states point out that self-rescue must be completed by the time the fire brigade arrives, since they cannot ensure external rescue. Emergency escape and rescue routes are subject to a wide variety of requirements that differ depending on the type of building and its use. 

  • Easy surface-mounted installation
  • Ideal for retrofitting in existing ­buildings
  • Customised configuration with the INOTEC app

Assembly and commissioning:
GMS Help

The building authorities assume the following:

The shortest escape route is the relevant one.

This escape route is accessible in the event of danger.

The hazardous situation does not change.

The markings are recognisable in an event of a fire.

However, this is not always the case in practice.

In the event of a fire, the emergency exit signage is insufficiently considered: Hot smoke accumulating under the ceiling results in general and safety lighting becoming ineffective. Even escape route signs mounted high up are no longer recognisable.
An escaping person may therefore be moving in complete darkness without any means of orientation. However, a smoke-free or smoke-less zone develops above the floor. Orientation, breathing and survival are still possible for some time. The height of this zone depends on the height and extent of the room and the intensity of the fire.

The GMS safety guidance system from INOTEC, which is installed close to the floor in the smoke-free zone, provides orientation for people escaping in the event of smoke. Thanks to the clear guidance function, panic is avoided and those escaping are guided out of the danger zone by the shortest route and self-rescue is guaranteed. INOTEC‘s GMS safety guidance system can save lives, not least thanks to the time saved as a result. A useful side effect of the GMS is that it also provides an orientation help for the members of the fire brigade during fire fighting.

The technical rule for workplaces ASR A 2.3 “Escape routes and emergency exits” applies to the installation and operation of escape routes and emergency exits in buildings and similar facilities to which employees have access in the course of their work. It applies to all buildings and parts of buildings in which there is at least one permanently occupied workplace (workplace).

ASR A 2.3 also applies to the installation and operation of safety lighting and visual safety guidance systems for escape routes and emergency exits in workplaces. It gives examples of workplaces for which safety lighting and, where applicable, a visual safety guidance system for escape routes and emergency exits may be required.

The installation of an optical safety guidance system is regulated by DIN VDE V 0108-200 “Safety lighting systems - Part 200: Electrically operated optical safety guidance systems”.
DIN 14036 “Dynamic and adaptive escape routing” contains specifications that must be taken into account when planning and implementing variable-direction concepts.

Dynamic, close to the ground and high mounted

The combination of high-mounted dynamic emergency exit sign luminaires and a low mounted guidance system ensures a continuous guidance function for people inside and outside a smoke-filled building area.

The dynamic emergency exit sign luminaire is indicating that the emergency exit door should no longer be used by displaying a red blocking symbol. This prevents people from escaping into the smoke-filled area.

The low-mounted safety ­guidance system provides ­guidance for people who are already inside a smoke-filled area. The shortest escape route is indicated by the direction indicator with or without running light function.

Simple installation – even in existing buildings

The GMS safety guidance system impresses with its modular and easy-to-install design. Whether in new or existing buildings – the profiles can be easily attached to any wall and flexibly extended. The electrical connection is made alternately via two lines, which additionally increases safety.

Trunking system 
The safety guidance system consists of a high-quality aluminium trunking. This is used to hold the GMS modules and for cabling. In addition to 2 m long profile sections, inner and outer corners and end caps are available for quick and easy installation.

Simple installation
The GMS modules are simply snapped into the previously installed aluminium trunking. The spacing can be freely selected. This allows the guidance system to be customised to the local conditions.

High level of safety
The GMS modules are simply wired with J-Y(St)Y 2 x 2 x 0,8 in the aluminium trunking. The trunking offers enough space for alternating wiring of the GMS modules. Optimal redundancy is achieved by distribution over two lines.

INOTEC app for configuration

Our INOTEC app allows to configure the safety guidance system in a few steps – quickly, intuitively and efficiently.

Scanning the modules

Thanks to the QR codes, the GMS modules can be easily scanned in the assembled sequence. Simply scan and the configuration process begins.

Customisation according to your needs

With our app, you have control right at your fingertips! For example, you can change the order of the GMS modules, set the speed and dimming values and customise the configuration to suit your requirements.

Convenient transfer via Bluetooth

Once the configuration is complete, you can transfer it directly to the GMS controller via Bluetooth in no time at all. No more complicated settings on the hardware – changes are conveniently transferable wirelessly; and the safety guidance system is ready for use.

System components

Aluminium trunking for safety guidance system GMS. Length 2,000 mm. Delivery incl. cover, 1 x length connector, 5 x cable retainer clips.

Colour: anodised104598635
Colour: RAL 9016104636324
Colour: RAL SC104636425

Aluminium trunking end cap for GMS safety guidance system.

Colour: anodised104619550
Colour: RAL 9016104619651
Colour: RAL SC101396726

Aluminium trunking inner corner for GMS safety guidance system.

Colour: anodised104640768
Colour: RAL 9016104640869
Colour: RAL SC104641172

Aluminium trunking outer corner for GMS safety guidance system.

Colour: anodised104640970
Colour: RAL 9016104641071
Colour: RAL SC104641273

GMS light marker GMS-M-L module for direction indication. For installation in GMS aluminium trunking. Control and supply via GMS controller (GMS-C).

Colour: anodised104612274
Colour: RAL 9016104619348
Colour: RAL SC104619449

GMS controller for controlling and supplying GMS light marker modules in the GMS safety guidance system.

GMS-C 230 V
2 x 1 A
GMS-C 24 V
2 x 0,8 A

48 V power supply for GMS-Controller.

GMS-S-230 /
48 Power Supply,
230 V / 48 V 2,1 A
GMS-S-24 /
48 Power Supply,
24 V / 48 V 1,1 A

Assembly and commissioning:

GMS Help