Eulumdat Files

INOTEC luminaires continue to be planned in the free version of DIALux Evo

Until now, photometric data from all luminaire manufacturers could be used for lighting design with the free DIALux Evo software. From 1 March 2024, this will change and the free version of DIALux Evo will only be able to use photometric data from luminaire manufacturers that are members of DIALux.

Users who still want or need to work with photometric data from non-members can only do so with the paid "Unlock Non-Members" feature or the DIALux Evo Pro version.

When planning with photometric data from INOTEC, nothing changes for you. As a DIALux Bronze Member, our photometric data (ldt files) can still be used in the free version of DIALux.

Note: If you have saved older ldt files from INOTEC luminaires locally and these are not accepted by DIALux Evo, please download the latest file from our website.

The photometric data can be found either on the product pages of the luminaires or collected under the following link: