INOTEC solutions for premises at risk of fire

Certified with D-marking

INOTEC offers an emergency luminaire and emergency exit luminaires specifically for premises at risk of fire. They need to have special properties because the construction of a low-voltage system places increased demands on premises at risk of fire. DIN VDE 0100-600 Part 420, Protection Against Thermal Effects, regulates measures for the protection of persons, livestock and property

The user or operator of the low-voltage system must classify the premises at risk of fire. It is recommended that the assistance of an expert be obtained for the classification, as the valid building law and the DGUV accident-prevention regulation must also be observed where appropriate. Furthermore, the fire insurers’ safety regulations for electrical systems up to 1000 volts (VdS 2043) must be observed.

Only luminaires with a limited surface temperature may be used in premises where there is an increased risk of fire. The luminaires must meet the requirements of EN 60598-2-24 and are marked with the pictogram "D". The standard defines temperature limits for normal operation and fault conditions.

Premises at risk of fire according to DIN VDE 0100-600-510 (VDE 0100-510):2014- 10, table ZA.1 (BE2) are characterised by:

  • Fire hazards arising from the production, processing or storage of combustible materials including the presence of dust, e.g. in barns, woodworking workshops and paper mills.
  • Special fire risks (premises at risk of fire) are, for example, those where the fire risk is caused by the type of materials processed or stored, and the processing or storage of combustible materials including the accumulation of dust, such as in barns, wood-processing plants, paper and textile mills or similar

(DIN VDE 0100-600-420 section 422.3)

Temperature limits – normal operation

For luminaires bearing the pictogram "D", the temperature of 90°C must not be exceeded on any horizontal surface exposed to the accumulation of dust. The maximum temperature of 150°C at 1.06 times the rated voltage must not be exceeded on any vertical outer surface.

Temperature limits – error conditions

For luminaires bearing the pictogram "D", the requirements of IEC 60598-1, Section 12, 12.6, apply, with the addition that the temperatures on horizontal surfaces of the luminaire exposed to the accumulation of dust shall not exceed 115°C.

In addition, the luminaires must be protected against the ingress of dust and at least comply with protection class IP5X.

These luminaires from INOTEC bear the "D" mark and are suitable for use in premises at risk of fire

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Sven Nienhaus

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