Simplify your project by a decentralised concept and communication across fire compartments - with the CLS FUSION and the INOTEC Project: Configurator

You already know the advantages of a decentralised battery system:

  • Significantly increased level of safety due to a decentralised device in each fire compartment
  • Savings on costly E30 cabling
  • Discreet design of the luminaires due to 24V technology

With FUSIONconnect, we also enable communication of the decentralised systems across fire compartments:

  • Cross-system control of emergency luminaires
  • Display of status messages of all devices in a project
  • Forwarding of a system fault to the BMS
  • Emergency lighting groups - in the event of a mains failure, emergency lighting can also be switched on at any other system in the project

Separate switching modules and switching lines with long cable lengths to each unit are saved because the switching assignment can be made at the most favourable position in the building. Software-based wiring of the switching contacts saves you time and money during installation.

Control of emergency luminaires across fire compartments

If switching modules (LSA) are physically present on a CLS FUSION, they can be used as transmitters in the INOTEC Project: Configurator.

For all other CLS FUSION in the FUSIONconnect project, the transmitter can be virtually assigned as the receiver - you save the physical switching module.

If the transmitter module receives a switching command, it forwards the request to all receiver modules. When programming the system, the switching command can then be assigned to luminaires in order to control them.

Advantages of FUSIONconnect in practice: Save time and material - and thus money

  • Cross-system transmission of switching commands for smart control of emergency luminaires
  • Additional switching modules are no longer required
  • Switching lines do not have to be routed to every system; the switching signal can be applied to any CLS FUSION.
  • Savings on:
    • Time required for installation
    • Switching modules
    • Cables
    • Mounting material
  • You are set up to be prepared for future requirements. If new demands emerge in the project, the system can be easily and conveniently adapted via the "INOTEC Project: Configurator" software.

Real-life example: Dynamic escape routing with FUSIONconnect

Public buildings are connected to a network of smoke detectors so that a fire is detected in the shortest possible time. Switching the dynamic escape sign luminaires and changing over to the alternative escape route takes place just as quickly. If the communication line is destroyed by a fire during the course of a fire, the dynamic escape sign luminaires store the last status received from the switching module.

Before the communication line can be destroyed by a fire, the smoke detector has already detected the fire and the CLS FUSION system has been switched over.

The luminaires retain the last status they received and only react when the communication connection to the switch module is successful. This ensures that a destroyed building section is not unblocked again.

The FUSIONconnect communication line does not have to be installed to maintain functional integrity!

Easy-to-read failure messages at every CLS FUSION in the project

At every CLS FUSION in the FUSIONconnect project, it is instantly visible if a connected system reports a failur. A corresponding symbol clearly indicates a failure on the main screen of each system.

The technician is often on the move in the facility and has no direct access to a higher-level visualisation. This function enables him to obtain information on the status of all the systems installed in the project at a glance.

It is possible to program a group system failure contact at each CLS FUSION that is integrated in the FUSIONconnect project. In the event of a failure of a CLS FUSION in the FUSIONconnect project, a volt-free contact is activated. This contact can be used to forward a message to the building management system or to switch on a warning light, for instance.

Emergency lighting groups - FUSIONconnect is able to switch on the emergency lighting at other CLS FUSION in the project in the event of a mains power failure

In a FUSIONconnect project, CLS FUSION systems can be programmed in groups.

If a system in the group has a mains power failure, the other systems also activate the emergency lighting.

Any number of groups can be defined in a project, depending on specific requirements. The devices monitor each other so that in the event of a line interruption, the CLS FUSION switches on the emergency light and shows the fault in the display.

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