SNP 7120, 7220, 7135 and 7235

Aluminium profile luminaires with "Spot-Light 2"

INOTEC aluminium profile luminaires are characterised by their versatility. In addition to the different mounting types, the luminaires are available in different detection distances, which means that they can be used in a variety of projects.

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Optional safety luminaire for illuminating points of emphasis
  • High-quality, sophisticated aluminium profile frame

Clear edge – with a minimal surface depth

At only 45 mm depth, the elegant frame can be perfectly integrated into different architectural designs. 

Not only in an emergency is the brilliantly illuminated pictogram easy to recognise. But it also turns the luminaire into a real eye-catcher in every room.

Same function – new design

The optional ‘Spot-Light’ has been enhanced and is now discreetly integrated into the housing of the luminaires. The ‘Spot-Light 2’ allows the illumination of points of emphasis with a vertical illuminance of 5 lx in accordance with EN 1838.

The ‘Spot-Light 2’ is integrated into the escape sign luminaire and can be rotated to align the luminaire with the area to be highlighted. To prevent unintentional or unauthorised rotation at a later time, the ‘Spot-Light 2’ can be locked inside the emergency exit sign luminaire.

The emergency exit sign luminaire and the integrated ‘Spot-Light 2’ are supplied, monitored and controlled by one LED driver. In this way, it is possible to operate the emergency exit sign in maintained mode and the ‘Spot-Light 2’ in non-maintained mode.

Universal and versatile usage

Universal and versatile usage INOTEC aluminium profile luminaires are true ‘all-rounders’ among emergency exit sign luminaires. They are available in 12 m, 20 m, 35 m and even 60 m viewing distance.

Thanks to the various mounting options, such as wall, ceiling and suspended mounting, the luminaires can be installed almost everywhere. Installation is quick and easy. A side cable entry also allows surface-mounted cabling without additional accessories.