SN 9024.1

The smallest one goes big

The new SN 9024

SN 9024 was developed many years ago to integrate the emergency lighting as unobtrusively as possible into the ceiling mirror. However, the lighting technology is now outdated and there is no through-wiring option for simple installation. We have therefore redeveloped the luminaire and the control gear.

The luminaire is mounted in a ceiling cut-out with a diameter of just 38 mm. Thanks to the space-saving electronics of the 24V LED driver for the CLS decentralised emergency lighting unit, it was possible to develop a control gear that also fits through this small ceiling cut-out. This means that no additional inspection opening is required in the ceiling.

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Classic luminaire re-invented

To make the luminaire even more discreet and efficient, the design and technology of the luminaire are completely re-engineered. The new SN 9024.1 is available with a round (Ø 45 mm) and square cover (45 mm x 45 mm).

The profile height of the cover has been reduced from 8 to 2 mm. As a result, the new SN 9024.1 is even more unobtrusive than its predecessor. As before, the mounting hole is only Ø 38 mm. The cover and the heat sink are made of high-quality die-cast aluminium, which ensures efficient thermal management for the LED light source.

Secondary optics for any application

The new SN 9024.1 is available with three different secondary optics. Thanks to the powerful LED and the various secondary optics optimised for any application, the power of the LED light source is less than 1 W.

Asymmetric optic for
illuminating escape routes

Symmetrical optic for
illuminating surfaces

Spot optic for illuminating
points of emphasis

Optimised driver and wide colour selection

The LED driver has also been revised. An ILD in a moulded plastic housing replaces the previous 24V LED driver in a metal housing. Its shape allows the supply unit to be installed in ceilings where the distance between the bare ceiling and the suspended ceiling is very small. In addition, there is enough space for feed-through wiring in the housing. So no separate junction boxes need to be installed.

To integrate the safety lighting unobtrusively into the ceiling, the new SN 9024.1 is the perfect solution. To adapt the luminaire even better to the surroundings, (almost) any RAL colour can be applied to the housing on request.

Made in Germany

The SN 9024.1 is "Made in Germany". All components, from the housing to the LED driver and the LED light source, are manufactured in Germany by long-standing partners. This speaks for the high quality and durability of the lights.