The dice have been cast - CUBE leaves a lasting impression on visitors

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40 guests accepted the invitation to the new building

This day was expected with excitement but also a little stage fright. Since 2015, the concept has already been devised, the new building took over three years to build and several weeks of testing had to be invested. But now the desired day had come: The doors to the CUBE - Forum for Evacuation were opened for the first time. About 40 people from different professional backgrounds were invited: local political and economic representatives, supporters from different trades and also fire brigade heads followed the invitation to the new "world of experience" of INOTEC. 

The guests were welcomed by the managing directors Karl-Heinz Malzahn and Michael Langerbein in the lobby of the CUBE. The reception room, which can accommodate up to 50 people, will also be used for these purposes in the future: Receptions, evening events and seminars can start here in a modern and atmospheric atmosphere. The first talks were held here in a relaxed atmosphere and new contacts were made.

"What is CUBE?" A short lecture with Aha-Moment

When all guests had arrived and managing director Michael Langerbein had welcomed them all in a short speech, the company moved to the presentation hall, where a short lecture about CUBE and INOTEC was waiting for the guests.

Starting with the company history of INOTEC Sicherheitstechnik GmbH, the managing directors of the company
Karl-Heinz Malzahn and Michael Langerbein, it became clear that several important milestones in the company's history were decisive for the rapid growth and success of the company. This was followed by a 3D film showing the latest products and astounding visitors.

Then Ulrich Höfer, Head of Project Management Dynamic Control Systems, and Jörg Finkeldei, Head of Standards and Regulations, were given the floor. The two main persons responsible for the concept presented the basic idea and the development of the CUBE Forum for Evacuation, until suddenly the ringing sound of the fire alarm system interrupted the event.

During a staged building evacuation, all guests faced the challenge of leaving an unknown building with the help of emergency and safety lighting and dynamic escape sign luminaires. The escape attempt was made more difficult by smoky corridors and poor visibility.

Visitors should also be aware of the difficulties faced by physically impaired persons when they have to leave a building in the event of a fire. Dr. Ilona Lange, Managing Director of the Arnsberg Chamber of Industry and Commerce, courageously volunteered as the test person and was evacuated by Jörg Finkeldei using a rescue chair. An experience that is not forgotten so quickly.

Now what is CUBE exactly?


... is a two-storey office and presentation building.

... shows the realistic simulation of evacuation concepts.

... serves as a platform for discussion about more effective building evacuation.

... offers a place for the cross-industry exchange of information.

Experience evacuation at first hand

The evacuation was ended by the traditional "cutting of the ribbon", which was supposed to symbolize the official opening of the CUBE.

Afterwards we went through the exhibition rooms of the CUBE. The exhibition is divided into various typical areas of application for emergency and safety lighting. Through a mix of reality and illusion, visitors were able to experience the possibilities but also the limits of different emergency lighting concepts.

Flexibility and dynamism were the key factors. Thus, a wide variety of scenarios such as a power failure could be simulated in each room. At some points, this invited discussion of the various evacuation options.

In addition, an equipped workshop offers the possibility to carry out software training courses - PC workstations and state-of-the-art presentation technology are available to the seminar participants for this purpose. But the workshop also offers all kinds of possibilities for technical training. For example, two of the walls have been designed as flexible work surfaces so that, for example, electricians or planners can work directly on INOTEC products and solve problems together.

"We would like to thank you again for visiting our official opening ceremony of the CUBE Forum for Evacuation, as well as the associated congratulations and attentions.

We hope that we have not only fulfilled your expectations, but exceeded them and would be delighted to receive your positive impressions.

Should we have aroused your interest for a further visit of our CUBE Forum for Evacuation or a use for your own events, Mr. Höfer and Mr. Finkeldei are at your disposal as contact persons".

Karl-Heinz Malzahn  &  Michael Langerbein

Managing Directors
INOTEC Sicherheitstechnik GmbH


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