INOTEC Configurator

Program the emergency lighting of INOTEC easily from your desk with our convenient configurator-software.

From the device settings to the destination of the circuit and luminaires you can add all information to the computer and put them afterwards into the emergency lighting system via INOStick, USB or network connection.

A set configuration can pe printed out in plain text for documentation purposes for revision purposes as well as in a system scheme.

For our decentralised system CLS 24.1 a project function for the determination of the line length is integrated. The results can also be printed out for the documentation.

For further information please contact our sales representatives.

The software of INOTEC system configurator is available as a free download in exchange for the device number (customer order number) or the serial number of the system at the end of page.


File structure

To secure a correct data transfer between the controller and the INOTEC Configurator software, there has to be a strict file structure on the directory. The following download as a ZIP archive of the needed file structure.

Simply extract the file and paste it to the directory.

Download ZIP archive