The new combined outdoor luminaire

Combined luminaire for general and emergency lighting

The SN/A 6201 is a modern take on a combined outdoor luminaire. The design is based on an INOTEC classic – the SN 6204. Thanks to the robust trapezoidal luminaire housing and the high IP65 protection rating, it is ideal for wall mounting outdoors.

Made of die-cast aluminium, the SN/A 6201 has four cable entries for feed-through-wiring for general and emergency lighting and is available in the light colours 3000K and 4000K.

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Redundancy for real safety

Outdoors, switched safety luminaires are often used as general lighting at the same time. Or general lighting luminaires are equipped with a monitoring module in order to serve as a safety luminaire at the same time. In both cases, the protection goal is not achieved. If the ballast or the light source fails in one of the luminaires, neither the general lighting nor the safety lighting will function.

Combined luminaires are a better solution. In these luminaires, the technology of two luminaires is combined in one housing. Two LED drivers, one for the general lighting and one for the safety lighting, as well as a light source with two separate LED circuits provide the required redundancy.

Directed light – where it is needed

Many night-active insects orientate themselves to moonlight. Artificial light is many times brighter than moonlight and attracts numerous insects, especially if it is undirected light. Many animals are the victims of this light trap. Due to their disorientation, they are eaten, die by exhaustion or are unable to reproduce.

The wall luminaire SN/A 6201 has a downward light emission. This means that the light ends up in the places where it is needed. This not only saves energy, but also protects night-active animals and insects.

Warm white or neutral white?

To protect animals and insects, the light colour may also be considered. Warm white light (≤3000 K) attracts significantly fewer insects due to the lower short-wave blue and UV radiation.

If luminaires are used in working areas, or importance is given to daylight-like illumination, neutral white light colours (4000 K) are preferred. Both light colours are available with the SN/A 6201.

Combined general lighting and emergency lighting

In emergency lighting, EN 1838 requires a minimum illuminance of 1 lux on the centre line for escape routes. In general lighting, on the other hand, a medium illuminance is planned. For walkways, this depends on the standards applied. According to EN 13201, a mean illuminance (Em) of 5 lux is used in most cases. In rare cases, 10 lux may be required. For outdoor staircases, 15 lux is generally planned. These requirements for general and safety lighting can be combined in one luminaire with SN/A 6201.

Housing with high protection class

The SN/A 6201 is made of high-quality die-cast aluminium. The wall luminaire has a high protection rating of IP65 and has been developed for outdoor use. The high quality of the materials used guarantees a long service life.

Individual colours possible

At INOTEC, only powder coatings are used for luminaire housings. RAL 9016 (traffic white), RAL 7015 (slate grey) and DB 703 are available as standard. On request, RAL colours can be implemented according to customer specifications. In this way, the luminaires can be matched to the building facade, for example.

For particularly adverse environments, such as on the coast, the luminaires can be finished with a 2-layer powder coating system (HWF). This further increases the corrosion protection.

Lighting technology

The combined outdoor luminaire is available in the light colours 3000 K (warm white) and 4000 K (neutral white). The luminous flux of the general lighting part is 967 lm (4000 K) or 918 lm (3000 K). For safety lighting, 376 lm (4000 K) or 360 lm (3000 K) are available. The light emission is directed downwards. This allows the desired lighting to be targeted and insects are not unnecessarily disturbed.

Cable entries

The SN/A 6201 has four cable entries for common installation cables. This allows the feed-through-wiring of the emergency lighting and general lighting circuits to be carried out in the luminaire.

Lateral cable entry

If the emergency lighting or general lighting circuits are surface-mounted, the housing of the SN/A 6201 offers the possibility of cable entry from the side. For the rare cases of surface-mounted cable routing with large cable cross-sections (for example in function preservation), a mounting adapter is available. This adapter expands the possibilities for routing the cables.

Various safety lighting versions

INOTEC has various emergency lighting systems in its range. From the decentralised CLS FUSION emergency lighting system with 24V final circuits to the CPS 220/64 J/SV (Joker 230V) and the CPS FUSION (230V), there is a suitable system for every application. Thus, the SN/A 6201 is also available to suit any emergency lighting system.

  • For connection to INOTEC emergency lighting systems with 24V final circuits
  • Rated voltage DC: 24V ±25
  • Rated current DC: 185mA
  • For connection to JOKER central battery systems
  • Rated voltage DC: 176-264V
  • Rated current DC: 24mA
  • For connection to FUSION central battery or mains backup systems
  • Rated voltage DC: 176-264V
  • Rated current DC: 24mA

Made in Germany

The SN/A 6201 is "Made in Germany". All components, starting with the die-cast aluminium housing, continuing with the LED drivers, and ending with the LED light source, are manufactured in Germany by long-standing partners. This is evidence of the high quality and long service life of the luminaires.