Quality at INOTEC

Maximum safety from the beginning


Quality and safety

Safety also means quality is required when products have to function perfectly – especially in an emergency. That's why, as a company that saves lives with its products in an emergency, we see high quality as indispensable and place the highest demands on our safety-relevant components. This applies to products from creation to delivery and offers decisive advantages for all parties involved. Our products automatically perform endurance tests and functional tests, which are generally the responsibility of the operator. In this way, individual luminaire monitoring in our system technology significantly minimizes risks.

For us, however, quality starts much earlier...

The safety team: Test centre with supporting test team

In our in-house test centre, we carry out measurements during development and final measurements as well as regular inspections to ensure consistently high quality. Responsibility for these tests is shared between the development and testing departments due to the complexity of the products. Every technical employee is involved in the testing process and checks all aspects in accordance with harmonised and non-harmonised standards.

The test laboratory not only makes it possible to carry out the tests for CE conformity, but also to realistically simulate configurations. This allows us to test under realistic conditions whether our customers' ideas and requirements can be realised.

Highlight for lighting design: our lighting laboratory

We carry out electrotechnical tests and special measurements for escape sign and emergency luminaires in our in-house lighting laboratory. Our measurement technology, such as the modern close range goniophotometer, enables the precise recording of luminous intensity distribution curves and luminance images. This data supports lighting design and enables the development of innovative and standard-compliant emergency lighting.

Our service: To make planning even easier, we are happy to provide our customers with the data for detailed lighting design using standard lighting design tools.

Technical masterpiece: our test field

Our in-house developed test cabinets are used for individual inspection in production. Before that however, high-voltage and protective conductor testing always takes place while the equipment is being tested and measured values are temporarily stored for further processing. Each device is then connected to the test cabinet and scanned. During the subsequent, fully automated sequence, the test chamber provides automatic instructions and thus the test sequence, step by step.

In general: We do not rely on random sampling. There is a testing device at every workstation in the luminaire production. Here, in addition to high-voltage and protective conductor tests, a functional test is also carried out and recorded. The intensive testing of our equipment, with the help of equipment developed in-house, goes beyond the usual level and exceeds the requirements of an ISO test. Nevertheless, we are not satisfied with that. We collect important data to continuously improve our equipment: a continuous improvement process that benefits both us and our customers.

Our ultimate goal: Customer satisfaction

Our primary goal is the safety of people and the satisfaction of our customers. At INOTEC, development projects are realised across departments, which ensures mutual quality control. In addition, we carry out regular checks on user-friendliness and quality to minimise complaints and errors. The result is maximum safety and outstanding quality - made in Germany.

Our manufacturer's warranty: for your lasting satisfaction

Our manufacturer's warranty is another building block in our quality promise. Part of our exceptional service is our 60-month guarantee promise for all INOTEC brand products. From the date of the delivery note, you have the 12-month statutory warranty and a voluntary warranty of 5 years in accordance with our General Terms and Conditions and our manufacturer's warranty.

It comes into effect with the purchase contract in accordance with the applicable warranty conditions – without registration. If you notice that a product does not meet INOTEC's usual high quality standards, please report the fault to us and we will arrange for repair or replacement.

The warranty is valid for all products delivered from 01.04.2024. You can find the exact details of our manufacturer's warranty in our warranty conditions.

Warranty conditions

Made in Germany

Our products are "Made in Germany". All components are manufactured in Germany by long-standing partners. This speaks for the high quality and durability of the products.