Special lights for a life in natural surroundings

Nature Resort Tripsdrill, Cleebronn

Tripsdrill theme park near Cleebronn in Baden-Württemberg is 88 years old and generally regarded as Germany’s oldest leisure park. Some 100 theme park, wildlife and museum attractions draw around 730,000 visitors to the 77-hectare park each year.

Visitors who want to spend more than one day here can stay the night surrounded by nature in the quaint resort. 20 cosy shepherd’s wagons and 28 comfortable tree houses guarantee an unforgettable mini break, while safety lighting from INOTEC provides orientation in the dark.

Optimized light technology

The outdoor safety lighting ensures adequate light intensity in the dark on a daily basis – and, of course, helps with general orientation in the event of a power failure. It is controlled by presence sensors that are connected to light-sensitive switches. This eliminates the need for additional general lighting.

A light source with special spectral composition was chosen to minimize the effect of attracting nocturnal animals. The sensitivity of nocturnal insects is much higher in a range from 350 to 550 nm than at wavelengths between 560 and 790 nm. TES lamps (2700K) with a maximum intensity of 630 nm were used as they are much harder for insects to see than conventional LED lamps with their maximum intensity of 420-450 nm. The lighting therefore helps guests find their way around in the evenings and at nights without attracting insects.

Safety lighting – indoors and out

While standard lights were fine for the inside, the outdoor lighting required a special solution. The individual houses were equipped with decentralized CLS 24 emergency lights. The inconspicuous design and safety extra-low voltage of the 24V luminaires made them easy to incorporate into the timber structure. When it came to outdoors, things were a bit trickier. The project benefited from INOTEC’s ability to design individual project solutions, where necessary, in response to a client’s specifications – perfectly tailored to the relevant intended use and built by our own lighting design engineers.

Customized design

The safety luminaires are unobtrusively incorporated into the handrails to the tree houses. The compact design of the 24V LED drivers made it possible to engineer special inconspicuous housing for mounting the luminaires in the timber handrails. The housing is made of high-quality aluminium and/or stainless steel with a high type of protection (IP 65) to safeguard against dust and water ingress. A suitable weatherproof solution that does not impact the rustic charm of the nature resort.

Project overview

Property:Natur-Resort Tripsdrill, Cleebronn
Client:Erlebnispark Tripsdrill GmbH &  Co. KG
Architecture:Innenarchitekturbüro Horst Rothacker
St.-Anna-Gärten 34/3
71717 Beilstein
Electrical Installation:Erlebnispark Tripsdrill GmbH & Co. KG

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Thomas Knopf

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